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Important: If you were (are) approached by people saying that they work for our company and they try to fix /sell you Amazon or Alexa products or they want to install some security programs – please avoid any communications with them and report their details to the authorities. They are fraudsters and don’t work for us. They usually use website itbasolutions.com (no hyphen), call from phones 877-235-7715 or 844-260-1666 . Thank you and stay safe, ITBA Solutions Ltd.

 Our Motto

At ITBA Solutions we believe that helping people is the main goal of an IT company. Many can sell IT equipment and services but not everyone can make customers happy and satisfied with the IT solutions. Visit our Services page to find out more about services we provide.

“I will either find a way, or make one

Hannibal (247-182 BC)

Roman Empire

Hire us today and enjoy your stress free vacation tomorrow!

Why ITBA Solutions?

Our History

ITBA Solutions Ltd was founded by an IT professional who started as a business analyst in manufacturing company and moved to the IT industry later on to help other businesses achieve better IT solutions and services. With years, the one man operation has grown in to a successful company that has many customers around the globe. Visit our About page to find out more about us and see how we can help your company.

What We Do

We provide full scale ERP and EAM implementation and support (Infor LN, BaaN, EAM), IT and server support, Project management (PMP), ITIL consulting, Business analysis and Business intelligence, reports development (Crystal, Cognos, MS SQL SSRS). IT services and solutions that we offer are desktop, printer and server support, equipment procurement, domain, virus removal, etc.

When to Contact Us

* Building a new server? Need domain configure?
* Developing new reporting solution?
* Looking for ERP or EAM solution?
* Need new website or web support? Want the best SEO?
* Need help with project management and ITIL?
Want to have the best products at the lowest prices?
We're here to HELP you!

Our Testimonials

”Fiona’s help and support in analyzing our warehouse and logistics processes was very beneficial and professional. We could optimize them significantly and reduce the waste in goods, processes and time. Kudos!“
Jenny, VP
”Microsoft SQL Reporting was setup and implemented in short time and allowed us to access our company data in no time and make knowledgeable decisions based on new reports.“
Rob A., Manager
”Before reaching out to ITBA Solutions our website was ranked very low in all Web search engines and had poor SEO. Today we appear on the first page and our clients like to browse our site.“
Lana, Owner

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